You could not save her GamePC

The Evil Within 2

The first thing you get to know is that you are Sebastian Castellanos and your daughter Lily seemingly died in a tragic burn. But the…
Weird Peacock
February 24, 2018
Eveline GamePC

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 starts with Ethan searching for Mia. He got a message three years after her disappearing that he should come and get her…
Weird Peacock
February 11, 2018
Me playing Little Nightmares GamePC

Little Nightmares

Playing Little Nightmares is like going through the cute version of your deepest nightmares. It is a really lovely game - and according to the…
Weird Peacock
February 8, 2018
me playing destiny 2 GamePC

Destiny 2

The story starts with the confrontation of Dominus Ghaul - the major enemy in Destiny 2. Ghaul has invented a machine to steal the Light…
Weird Peacock
February 2, 2018
beautyful space GamePC

Dead Space 3

Dead Space are another games of the horror survival genre. They - nomen est omen - put you in space where you fight against alien…
Weird Peacock
February 1, 2018