Hi, this is Evelyn

and I am kind of in the best time of my life right now 😉

I am from Austria and studied Medical- and Bioinformatics. I am interested in technology and science – especially when you can use it to connect people – just as video games do.
That’s the reason why I am focussing on multiplayer and coop games in my blog, but I also like to play other stuff as well.
I like to discover new worlds and be part of something different or bigger than my everyday life. It helps me guarantee a certain degree of flexibility in my brains to make sure to keep them exercised ;).
According to gaming plattform I am quite flexible as well: I usually play on my PC, but I am also owner of a Playstation, XBox, Nintendo Switch and other consoles that already enjoy their retirement far back in any drawer.
I am always glad when I get some feedback – so if you want to send me a message with wishes (what to review next or things I can approve) do not hesitate to do so.

A great support when I am playing are my three cats: Gurrk, Gatsch and Lani – who always provide special support by lying on my forearms or other body parts to make sure gaming does not become too easy for me :D.

Me at Austria Comic Con

Currently Playing

All the games I currently play

Until Dawn


Life is strange




Xenoblade Chronicles 2


Ghost Recon: Wildlands


The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Dying Light


Rise of the Tomb Raider


The Haunted: Hells Reach


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