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Don’t forget your sunscreen ?

T he most special thing about Dead Island are definately the surroundings. After waking up in a room full of people where you get casually informed that there was some kind of zombie apocalypse you find yourself in a tropical paradise. Such a light and appealing scene is far from being the rule for zombie survival game aaand I like it ;).

The world is awesome – if there weren’t any zombies you would just want to stay there in the sun – feeling the sand between your toes. There are nice beaches, pools and bars πŸ™‚ but instead of enjoying your hardly earned vaccation by drinking some cocktails – you have to run for your life. Who wouldn’t get pissed in such a situation?! So what else should someone do but grab the next paddle and show them who the boss is?!

Enjoying the great view
Enjoying the great view

I am convinced this diversity – the struggle between on one hand wanting to be there and on the other hand beeing scared and cautious because of all the zombies makes Dead Island a unique gaming experience.
You and up to three friends can follow a main story which aims in escaping the island, but there are also many side quests. Those are a nice pastime – at least for some period of time πŸ˜‰ and help you discover the island. In those quests you usually help the people by providing weapons or searching for food, medicine or gasoline… You can even help them forget about their hopeless faith by providing booze…
They wanted to make some of the stories funny or personal – for example, if you have to search for photographs. I personally like those stories and some are quite nice to play – but I also have to say that due to the fact that most of the time there are only slight differences between the stories, you also get bored pretty soon. In our case that was the point where we switched back to the main quest.

Zombies, zombies and – again – zombies
Zombies, zombies and – again – zombies

In contrast to the other two games I reviewed, there is even some degree of character development involved – you have a say which abilities you want to develop when you level up. This is one of the reasons why you are more connected to your character. In the beginning of the game you can choose one of four and you stay with him/her during the whole hell-ride. Each of them has a background-story and special abilities.

Another uniqueness of dead island is that they wanted to give you independence according to your arming: Have you ever played a horror survival game and asked yourself why the stupid bitch – you are playing – does not simply grab the vase, chair or whatever is lying around and simply slam it over the head of the zombie in front of you?! Well good news – the struggle is over! At least to a certain degree πŸ˜‰
You can use all weapons around you – which makes it a more natural way to interact with your surroundings. Additionally you can modify the weapons with different items you find… for example, you can make a baseball bat more effective in the fight by applying glass splinters to it…

Zombies eating zombies
Romantic dinner on the beach

As kind of a Dead Island fan it is my personal wish to close this article with an outlook for the future: Dead Island 2 – where the heck are you?! We have already heard so much about you – and I have to admit I am beginning to think you are just a fairy tale…

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