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As simple as it sounds the real fun of Dead Rising 3 are the enourmous amounts of zombies and the different kinds of weapons you can build in order to cope with them. It is often the case that you are standing in hordes of zombies not able to tell up from down fighting like hell.
I think that is exactly the purpose of this game and the feeling it tries to give you: bloodlust and the urge to destroy even the last zombie standing. A feature that seems to prove this theory is that there is a counter which shows you how many zombies you killed in a row – which disappears and resets after some seconds.
The counter has influence on the experience points you gain after a fight and also increases your motivation to kill as many as possible especially when playing with your gaming-buddy Manuel.

fighting zombies
Fighting zombies with my bestie Rhonda - and some other guy 😀

Which brings me to the next question: What would fighting – or killing more zombies than Manuel – be without the right tool? And that’s something they took quite seriously :). You can craft all kinds of weapons with things you find during your forays through the city.
Aside of the parts of your weapons you will also find new blueprints. I don’t want to spoil the weapons here because I think the fun of building and finding weapons (- blueprints) is something you can really enjoy in this game – they thought of some really fun ones :P.

crafting weapons
Crafting one of my favourite weapons: the Flaming Sword - simple but effective

What is a little sad is that: it is and will always remain the same old zombie story all over again. You live in a city, you are an enthusiastic, talented mechanic who just loves his work and life… when SUDDENLY (sarkastic suddenly :P) there is a zombie outbreak and all your dreams and hopes are going to pieces…
From now on you will have to spend your remaining time to release poor souls from their fate of spending eternity fighting over some old piece of flesh…
It is not that the zombies in this game are special of any kind – so they are not very fast or strong or have specific abilities that would make them stronger or more of a challenge than in other survival games. You can simply treat them as cannon fodder.

Fighting zombie hordes
Fighting zombie hordes

This is not the case for the bosses. They appear at special locations or in the storyline of the game. They are stronger and require at least some ingenuity from the designers, but nevertheless the feeling that you have seen all this before still stays.
I often see myself confronted with the question of what to play next because when you tend to prefer coop games over normal single player ones you sometimes need to take what the video game world gives you. In my opinion it is not very inventive or humorous and it is not very likely that you will experience things you haven’t seen before –
but if you just want a game you can play together and have some fun killing zombies you can at least try it 😉

Me playing Dead Rising 3
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