An extraterrestrial zombie shooter

Dead Space are another games of the horror survival genre. They – nomen est omen – put you in space where you fight against alien creatures as engineer Isaac Clarke.
The settings are in the stars which were colonized by humanity. On the search for new energy sources they came to discover the “Black Marker”. They also made little copies of it called Red Markers. But we all know the devil is in the details and it turns out that those sources not only provide energy but also turn dead human flesh to so called “Necromorphs”. This is why I would say that Dead Space is basically a zombie shooter in space ๐Ÿ˜‰

hugging a necromorph
Hugging a Necromorph - why not?

The Dead Space games focus differently on the horror aspect which makes Dead Space 3 in my opinion to the weakest one – because it focus the least on it.
If I think back to the first part where you come on the space ship not knowing what is going on. When suddenly kind of shapeless and undefinable creatures begin to crawl and attack you… It was definitely a more extreme and exciting kind of horror.
Another reason why Dead Space 3 is not as scary as the previous parts is probably because it is the first one you can play in coop mode. So, instead of being all alone with your fear, you are able to share it :D. For me as a pretty passionate multiplayer gamer I really appreciate this feature – but it is also kind of logical that the game becomes less horrifying.

beautyful space
Beauty and action - instead of horror

Much action and exciting settings

But this is not the only aspect because some gamers might be a little dissatisfied with it – compared to the other parts. It also comes to my mind that the story itself is not as sophisticated as the others.
Making the third part as exciting and interesting as the others might be difficult. If you already know the characters and settings of previous games, it becomes boring to play the same thing all over again. As a consequence designers or developers should feel a little urge to come with something new. In my opinion in Dead Space 3 they didn’t take sufficient account of.
However, they developed new horrible mutations which you have to fight against and upgraded the workbench.ย For the first time in Dead Space you are able to construct your own weapons, connect different weapons…
I personally do not like to spend time with such stuff, for me a weapon has to be easy to use and efficient. So it’s not especially exciting for me if I can design my very personal killing instrument.

Who is the engineer? You are the engineer!

Finally, the positive aspect is that if you want Dead Space – you will get Dead Space ๐Ÿ˜‰ So if you liked the previous parts then this game also benefits from it. This also means that I recommend playing the other parts first and not to start with this part!

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