Landing in the garbage

The story begins with Rufus who is dissatisfied with his life in Deponia in search of a successful, better live in Elysium, provided that he does not have to work hard for this life ;).

He is making a rocket which should help him to escape from the dump and his problems there including his ex-girlfriend Toni. He was living in Toni’s house until the day of his escape, although their relationship is not that romantic anymore :D.

However, the start of his journey becomes harder than he thought it would be and so he gets catapulted to an Organon cruiser ship.

Trying to escape from Deponia
Trying to escape from Deponia

There he meets Goal who was about to find out a conspiracy. Unfortunately, they dropped down to Deponia and Rufus is back where he started ;).
Goal is unconscious but as a noble hero Rufus – of course – tries to wake her up.

Deponia’s because the doctor/fireman/policeman Gizmo seem pretty helpless in helping her (He does not have the right screwdriver to fix her ;)). Therefore Rufus has to produce the right kind of medicine on his own.

Deponians and their problems ;)
Deponians and their problems 😉

Rufus succeeds and awoken Goal is just talking jibberish about her fiancè Cletus who you should contact over the radio. This way he can rescue her and bring her back to Elysium.
This is basically the content of the first part of the game. Further, you try to get Cletus and Goal together and try to get away from Elysium. I will not describe the other parts in detail but let me say that it is a really funny and inventive story.  The dialogs and characters are really sophisticated.


Deponia is made of a comic style which appears very happy and colorful. The surroundings are bright and even childish.

Given that the game is settled in Deponia which is basically a dump with lots of trash in it, you probably imagine the surroundings to be very dark and disgusting. But that is not the case at all! It does not look disgusting but very friendly and inviting.

I think the developers placed special focus on the dialogs which sometimes are just hilarious and really fit my humor. They play really well with the high self-belief of the main character Rufus and how people react for example that he is quite a lazy person who avoids work whenever he can.

Lovely characters and funny situations
Lovely characters and funny situations

On my way through the story, I got to know some really unexpected stuff. This makes the game quite exciting and keeps you more concentrated.
Honestly, the overall story is not unbelievable surprising but it is well told.

This brings me to a point of criticism because the story was told very slow. This is probably due to the game mode, where you have to run around in scenes quite often and for a long period of time. This is for searching for things or finding out how to achieve something to put the story forward.

This brings me to some point of criticism: The story is told and developing very slowly sometimes.

At this point I would understand if somebody says that is the game itself and that you cannot change this because it is the riddles and beeing brooding over hints and items you get in the game, but in my opinion there are things you can improve: Starting with the fact that you have to wait for quite some period of time until animations are done.


Deponia is a point-and-click adventure which is very funny but also a gaming experience which differs a lot from what I have played before.
During the game, you find yourself in different scenes where you have to solve riddles in combining items or discovering the surroundings to find a way out or achieve something else.

Although you cannot actually move the characters by using arrow buttons, the game appears very interactive.
Controls in the game are okay but annoying sometimes because they do not react immediately or different actions require a lot of clicks to work out and make you do what you actually want to do, for example going somewhere specific.

It is really annoying that in big scenes Rufus has to go all the way from point A to point B and you have to watch him doing this for quite some period of time. For those of you who do not know what I am talking about: The game is actually full of riddles which is the fun part but also force you to try out different things in different places in the game.
When you need so much time just changing the place it puts a huge stop sign to the fluent gameplay because you just do not want to wait that long (because you want to try things out). This is the reason why many other games included some concept like fast travel stations… but – unfortunately – not Deponia…

Walking in Deponia
Walking, walking.... WALKING

I have to admit that after playing the first part a friend of mine mentioned that you can skip the animations when going to a completely new scene by making a double click on the arrow which appears. This made the gameplay waaaaay better but unfortunately cannot give me back the time I already spent watching Rufus going around… Also this only works for changing the scene but not when going around when the room or location stays the same.

The option to show all items with which you can interact by pressing space is also very helpful! So I advise you to keep those two trick in mind while playing 😉

The riddles itself are quite difficult! I really needed some time to find out all the things, so this game really teaches you to keep patient. I have to admit I also had some trial and error phases where I randomly tried out stuff due to the fact that the combinations were quite intransparent for me. I mean it seemed to be logic in the end but not during the gaming process :D.

Minigame in Deponia
Minigame in Deponia








I really like the colorful and funny atmosphere because I think it fits my personal nature the best. I liked the funny and inventive dialogs and exciting characters in the game.

You can take the most out of Deponia if you take your time, wait patiently at some points and really enjoy the dialogs, the humor and funny scenes. I personally like the pondering but it naturally has the disadvantage that it makes the very slow. If you are fine with that you will be ok, I for my part am often a little too impatient 😉

The major reason to play Deponia is when you want to experience an awesome story with very inventive and surprising situations. This gives the game some excitement which is kind of a challenge, because of the stops of the fluent gameplay, where you have to solve the different tasks. Deponia might have some little drawbacks but is worth trying out!

Damn you whale!
Damn you whale!
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