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The story starts with the confrontation of Dominus Ghaul – the major enemy in Destiny 2. Ghaul has invented a machine to steal the Light from the Traveler, the source of power used by the Guardians. You are fighting Ghaul as a Guardian, trying to keeping him from undertaking his evil plan successfully, but you fail and fall down Ghaul’s commando central and almost into death.
After two days of recovery you find your Ghost – your little flying companion and the real fight against Ghaul begins. It is characterized by keeping him from destroying planets and cities as well as keeping him from using the Light for other evil activities.

One of the special views in Destiny 2
One of the special views in Destiny 2

The story is creative and entertaining and the charcters are well designed. During playing you will realize that they have quite some personality. I especially liked clayde-6, who really increases the fun factor of the game, and the villain Ghaul who appears quite frightening. I personally only played Destiny 2 but I heard it is of advantage to play also the first part of the series. It is said that this increases the personal fun factor because Destiny is also an awesome game. Furthermore you get better into the story and gameplay.

Unfortunately the main plot is quite short. This might be because the creators focussed rather on the multiplayer content. Multiplaying becomes really interesting after playing the story. Then you can go on different adventures and quests in a group and discover additional game content.

Solid work guys!

The game begins with designing your own guardian. Depending on the role choose – warlock, titan, hunter – you will develop different abilities during the game. Additionally you can also define the appearances of your character. First you will be struggeling to decide whether you want to play a Human, Awoken (gray-skinned aliens), or Exo (robots). Afterwards you are able to change even more details of the looks: like your hair, eyes and other things. All this character-work right in the beginning kind of connects you to the game. It makes playing more personal – and as long as it does not take too much time- it’s quite fun!

me playing destiny 2
Me working on my Destiny 2 - mini - me 😉

While playing Destiny 2 you are moving through well designed worlds with awesome graphics. In those worlds you unsually make side quests or focus on the main quest and work your way through the main story of the game.
It was unfortunate that the enemies and quests were really easy. Do not get me wrong I do not hate it more than when I have to spend hours in order to solve some ridiculously difficult riddles or become frustrated because i have to fight inexplainably overpowered enemies… But more diversity and inventiveness would have been quite welcome 😉

I think overall it is a well made action shooter. You can enjoy a good, fluent and solid gameplay with your friends. Be thrilled by the world they created – where exos, humans and awokens live together!

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