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The first thing you get to know is that you are Sebastian Castellanos and your daughter Lily seemingly died in a tragic burn. But the last word is not yet spoken in this matter: You find out that actually only her body but not her mind died years ago. The Mobius group have held her conciousness in a container called STEM until she vanished a few days ago. This is where they ask you as her daddy for help to find and rescue not only Lily but also other STEM agents.

Burning house in The Evil Within 2
Looking at the past...

In the STEM during the search for your daugther you are confronted with frightening visions of your past and the incidents in the Beacon hospital. At this point it might have been good to have played the first part, but I did not… However I am pretty impressed by the second part so I am planning to make this up. For me these episodes or visions were both disturbing and fascinating which gave the settings a nice thrill.

While searching you are not only fighting against “normal” zombielike monsters but a certain mystery holds also a photographer who takes a picture from his victims while shooting them. He seems to have taken out almost all of the STEM agents you are supposed to rescue. However, they are not so innocent either…

The story itself is very exciting and I liked it quite much. There are many plot twists and interesting characters. Especially in the end you just do not want to stop playing. I do not want to tell more than I already told from the story because it just would not be fair for future players to spoil. Overall it is the best story I had the opportunity to go through in a long time now. Although I have to admit that in the very end you get the feeling that it is going on for far too long and one final-fight after another is pretty exhausting. Additionally the way it is presented is such a lovely experience and really surprising.

Visions from the past
Visions from the past


Especially when playing older games before it is to say that The Evil Within 2 impresses with awesome graphics. The movement and surroundings appear almost natural.

And also the content and enemies are presented quite artistically and creative. You are confronted with creepy abnormal creatures and unfamiliar rooms. The people you are surrounded with are often acting in an understandable and weird way ;). So not that much of a change anyways :D.

Disturbing Scenes in the evil within 2
Disturbing Scenes

They played many mind games during the story. A good example is to let a door rumble as if someone wants to actually come to you before you have to get through it or that pictures change often depending on what you look like in a room. Creating such details and getting into the scene worked really well. At least I really had the feeling they put much affection to many scenes.

To the stem!
To the STEM!

I think especially in the end of the game the atmosphere gets lost. It becomes more action-packed. They focused more on explaining and telling the story but making the user really feel situations or causing feelings.


You die quite easily and often. This is because you do not have much energy or stamina, the stuff you need to move fast. For me it was quite the right amount of difficulty to cope with. The enemies wer not super freaky badass but you got killed just as often so that it mattered to you and so the game did not became boring. Especially when you were running around in a wide terretory where the progress is not constantly saved.

Enemy in the evil within 2
Hope it does not see me!

Of course you get also the possibility to save the game by yourself: Besides saving the game saverooms also contain workbenches, where you can craft items like bullets and health serums and upgrade weapons. Sometimes you even find a coffee machine in them where you can regenerate your health, because we all know coffee just makes everything better 😀

However weapon and skill management is not too complex in this game. You have some possibilies to get stronger (increase health, durability, …) and get some different weapons like a handgun, a shotgun or for example a shotgun. Nothing that is not known from any other game, even the principle is the same the handgun for the every day work – while the bigger monsters usually need a little bit more firepower. And those who do not want to use their weapons will have to use their feet or … fingers (?) :D. Here it is a little bit annoying that especially when you lean to a wall or car sometimes the controls did not react and it was really difficult to get up and away. Maybe this was a sign of Sebestian getting older 😀

coffee in the evil within 2
Coffee makes everything better 🙂

I think the end-fight ratio is quite comfortable in this game. I always feel like if I have something achieved if I am victorious against some special enemy and in this it felt as if there were more than usual. It could also have felt so good because during the normal gameplay I got used to sneaking, running and hiding instead of fighting enemies. I mean after all if you are running away from one enemy for I think four times there comes the time when you simply do not want to run anymore.

In fact I think the end fights are made quite lovely. They are also the point in the game where there is something exciting revealed and you get to know more of the story. This way they are even more beneficial than just the victory.








I did not play the first part of the Evil Within but I am definately going to try it because I became a huge fan playing The Evil Within 2. The scenes, settings and characters are presented with so much inventiveness, creativity and love that you just want to fall into this game. In the start I thought the gameplay will become kind of boring through playing but they surprised me. They are changing the problems you have to face constantly making the whole game like a rollacoaster ride 🙂

Visions from the past in the evil within 2
Artistic visions from the past

I think the only thing that’s left to say is that if you really want to get a thrilling story told in a lovely way with lots of attention to the detail and presentation of things then get going :D.

I would love to hear your opinion about the evil within, so it would mean a lot to me if you leave me a message or comment on this article!

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