Getting stuck in walls was never that easy!

Far Cry 5 takes you in a world controlled by a religious fanatic called Joseph Seed and his equally charismatic family members John, Faith and Jacob. The story begins when a special unit consisting of a Marshal, a Sherif, yourself and some other less important characters is sent out in order to arrest Joseph Seed.

Joseph Seed in Far Cry 5
Say hello to Joseph Seed.

Transported by a helicopter you first enter the city and then access the church he is currently preaching. You put cuffs on him and guide him to the helicopter in order to escape from this holy place. Unfortunately, the helicopter crashes and Joseph can escape. In fact, the scene becomes even more horrific than that because he takes the members of your team and calls for reckoning.

You are the only one who is lucky because after a wild chase you are lying unconscious on the riverside you get rescued by Dutch. A mysterious old man who owns his own land (island) in the middle of the territories of the weird Seeds family. Dutch is not very pleased that you are stressing them out by showing up and that you finally fulfill the prophecy.

As hopeless as the situation seems there is hope: You get to know that your partners are still alive and kept prisoners each by one of the family members. You are making the plan to not only free them but regain control of Dutch island as well as the surrounding areas. Liberte! From Dutch Island to the rest of the world!

All the lovely members of the Seed family.
All the lovely members of the Seed family.

The story seems to be quite mysterious: During your missions, you always get visions from one of the family members telling you creepy stories or kind of torturing you. You only know that the visions come and go through playing a music box playing “Only you” – what does that all mean?!

Honestly, the story is a little bit hit or miss, but it is well told and you really buy the fanatic characters. I think it is solid work although it appears to be more kind of side work and developers focused more on the gameplay and graphics.

Visions in Far Cry 5
Strange visions


The game consists of stunning graphics. Everything looks and feels natural and real. This starts with the surroundings and does not stop at the characters and persons you meet. The only details they missed affect the animations which do not feel as natural as the pictures you see.

Far Cry 5 takes place in the woods with lots of details concerning the surrounding plants and animals. They put very aggressive wildlife in the game: for example bears and wolves. You get attacked by almost everything. But the deadliest and cruelest of all creatures are the skunks. Have you ever met one? Those are aggressive little fellows… You should definitely keep yourself away from them 😉

Killed by a skunk...
Killed by a skunk...

I liked the effort they put into some details. Some of them where just fun: As you know the game is about a religious fanatic, so everytime you steal a car from one of the followers your car trip is accompanied by religious music. For me as the driver of our little co-op team Seed’s community became more and more likable through this: You simply can’t resist songs like “Wash your sins away” :D.

They also tried to make the different quests varying: Instead of killing people all the time, you also have to collect things or hunt animals. There is even a mission where you have to get a big cat into a cage by throwing cat food and stuffed animals.

Although I really appreciate their effort in doing so most of the quests stay the same and at least after the second area you liberate gameplay becomes a little monotonous.


Shopping in Far Cry 5
Shopping! 🙂

It is a shooter. The keyboards are standard and so quite well known and you can also order other team members to do things with key combinations. According to your armory, you can choose between the common set of different weapons: a handgun, a shotgun, an automatic gun – and do not forget the shovel ;).

Bulding the resistance
Bulding the resistance

You get the power back over an area by performing different actions like rescuing civilians, destroying cult properties, completing missions or liberating cult outposts. The extend with which you perform those is your business as well as how many people get killed when you are doing it ;).

During gaming, you retrieve perk points through those actions and you can skill different abilities with them. Here, you can alter your movement possibilities, for example with a parachute or grappling hook, which I really liked. It made the character freer and playing more natural like in-game as Dying Light.

Investing perk points
Investing perk points

In the game, you sometimes have the possibility to get a car, a cart or even a helicopter to get around which is a very good idea because you are much faster when you have missions which need to travel big distances. Unfortunately, at least when it comes to the cart controls do not feel reliable at all. The vehicle behaves as if it only weighs half a kilo, so you unpredictably slip and fall around a lot especially in the woods.

One major item to orientate yourself is the map which is made quite well and provides lots of structure to see not only what is around you like cars, shops, towers, … but also to manage your missions. The map is helpful and it appears as if they put lots of effort to make it look good, for example through 3d animations, probably well knowing that players will spend much time during the game studying it.

Map view in Far Cry 5
Map view in Far Cry 5

Anyways while playing I experienced quite many bugs on the way: For example, if you open the parachute too late you often do not die but it appears at if you would fly in the ground. This happens really often: I would say about one out of five times using it.

Despite this some things just do not seem to have been finished: There are many scenes where, for example, the rendering of the shadows does not fit or there are various animations where details are simply missing and it does seem to be very choppy and far from natural. Sometimes when I bought new weapons and I fast traveled to another location my purchases were not saved…

Another thing that is really annoying because it appears very often is that the perks you hire during the game just do not want to go out of your way if you want to leave a room. The artificial intelligence needs some improvement here!
So because of this and any other more or less little things, it is to say that it would have been bad if they would have dedicated additional time for the final touch.


Unfortunately, the Coop Mode as fun as it was had some drawbacks: The player which joined the gaming party of the other gamer was not able to save the game progress. In my eyes, this is annoying but tolerable giving that other things like items in your inventory and character development are saved. On the other hand, I do not really see a reason why someone should design the game mode that way…

The gamer who joins has limited action possibilities: He or she cannot accept the missions and if you get too far from your partner you get teleported. Besides that, I did not make out any other big difference.

Selecting and going on missions
Selecting and going on missions

Let’s be honest – playing in Coop is simply fun! You can work together, going for missions and rescuing or helping the oppressed. (At least if you don’t kill them by accidentally driving over them :D)








Far Cry 5 gave me back the community feeling while playing and that was A LOT OF FUN. I like the graphics and concept of the game. Honestly, it is nothing new or overwhelming exciting stuff but it is some good old coop game where you can go on missions and have fun to experience stuff together.

I have to admit that the bugs in the game became increasingly annoying. They definitely should have paid more attention to details and given the game a few more weeks of development.

Nevertheless, you do not have much choice when it comes to coop games, so we basically took what was there and tried to ignore those bugs. Although it almost broke my heart when my gaming buddy got stuck in the floor when we played our final fight and I had to enjoy the victory all by myself :/.

Love in Far Cry 5
We love you!
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