Going on a walking tour with some of our best friends

You are starting walking through the woods as Endir, who is hired by an old man named Hapsper in order to rescue and return a girl who is captured by monsters. So the story starts with a very heroic task 😉

After your first mission you get the next one immediately from an old swordsman who wants you to get to an small isle to “the village of sacrifice” where you will have to assassin an 18 year old girl who was officially chosen as a sacrifice.

Shrine in I am Setsuna

The girl you are after is Setsuna. Unfortunately, standing in front of her you are not able to finish killing her. You get caught. Fortunately, the odds are in your favor and so it happens that the village gets attacked by monsters. Together you manage to successfully fight all monsters with Aeterna and Setsuna.

Finally, after the village is saved again you even get asked by Setsuna to join her guard, giving you the contrary task to save her up to the moment she has to sacrifice herself.

I do not want to say too much about the story or secrets you are going to discover on your journey but in general, it is based on the concept of finding your guards and helping people on your way to the Last Lands.

The story itself is not too surprising or exciting but I think it is quite fun to get to know the different characters, help them or simply learn how your team is formed by facing challenges.

Each character has his unique, powerful story
Each character has his unique, powerful story


On the first sight looks like an old style role-playing game (bird perspective, the sound it makes when text appears in the speech bubbles, ..). It feels almost comfy to play the game due to so much old style in it: The way the houses look or how you open treasure chests to get items.

In the first scene, you are able to change the name of the protagonist Endir to a preferred one. I myself do not like changing the names of the characters because although I become part of their story it feels as if they are their stories, not mine. Honestly, most of the time I do not even desire their lives to be mine 😛 Let’s think about all the annoying religious fanatics I would have to cope with if I was really trapped in Far Cry – thank goodness – no :P. However, it’s players choice.

Old school dialogues and bird perspective
Old school dialogues and bird perspective

I love the atmospheric soundtrack of the game. Normally I am not that into music that it would come to my mind that it is especially good or bad. But in I am Setsuna it fits perfectly in the scenes and supports the game and story very smoothly. You sometimes even want to pause and just listen to what the composers wanted to tell you <3.

The different characters you are going to discover while playing the game are made with so much love and passion. It might not be the most inventive but it is a very lovely story. I had really fun getting to know all the characters and their special abilities and most of the time they fit perfectly in the story the developers gave them.

Besides in the dungeons or villages itself – where the story usually takes place you are also able to navigate on a world map. Which helps you to save time and nerves (because on it you can save whenever you want! ;)).

Walking on the World Map
Walking ...
Flying on the World Map
AAAnd Flying on the World Map


There are very handy and clear tutorials at the beginning of the game, while you are fulfilling your first task. You learn, besides other things, that it is important to approach monsters from the back in order to have battle advantages.

The in battle screen is well known from other role-playing games. You have the ability to attack, use items or tech (which are magical attacks) during kind of a round based fighting system. It does not follow a very strict round based approach because your activity levels have to fill up before you can attack. (That’s also the same case with the monsters, so the other way around).

Depending on which state of the fight you are in you can switch between enemies or allies with your arrow key. This might need some practice to be fast AND do what you want 😛 but is not incredibly difficult at all 😉

After fights, you get experience points and items.

You can also use momentum mode for very powerful attackers. This gives you some extra abilities but needs to be filled during fight. And there will be many other things in fights which will be fun for you to find out for yourself!
Like in other role-playing games developing your character plays a major role: You increase levels by gaining experience points through fights and have to manage your energy levels and magical powers.
You are able to obtain different magical powers by using Spritnites, which are different stones you can equip. Every stone contains another powerful, magical attack. Those can be used when fighting.

Your party consists of up to three members which have different abilities – most of the time I went with the common setup – a fighter which makes much damage (Endir), a magician with strong healing powers (Setsuna) and last but not least a strong person who easily endures even the most powerful attacks Nidir ;). Of course, this was only my personal reference you should play the game as you prefer 😉 and maybe try a few different styles and setups.

Of course – as in other games – there are various shops (like a chef or apothecary) where you can buy items in order to boost your attacks or for example simply heal yourself.

Apothecary in I am Setsuna
Apothecary in I am Setsuna
Chef in I am Setsuna
Chef in I am Setsuna








However, the gameplay and character development itself is not too complex and you will know many of the concepts from other games you played before. I would refer to it as solid work which lots of things that have already proven its worth.

Like in other role-playing games before – and I am especially talking about the old Final Fantasy games – I really enjoyed getting to know the characters and listen to the story. At this point, some might say that the game focusses too much on the story, so if this is not something you are up for – I am Setsuna might not be the perfect game for you.

I really liked getting to know the characters and different monsters you are confronted with. Making my own theories about the backgrounds and intentions of the people. If you are searching for a game that is similar to the old role-playing games and want to drop in this kind of atmosphere once again I am pretty sure you will soon love it.

I would love to hear your opinion about I am Setsuna! Leave me a comment below!
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