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W e actually started with the first part of Killing Floor – which is pretty much the same as the second one – but with worse graphics and less perks.
In Killing Floor you spend your time shooting zombie-hordes (zed = zombie) with up to five friends. Everyone got to choose one of the different perk classes:
Berserker, Commando, Support, Field Medic, Demolitionist, Firebug, Gunslinger, Sharpshooter, Survivalist and SWAT. Everyone has it’s own weaknesses and stengths during a fight and while there are ones – like the Firebug or Commando which focus on destroying many zombies at once, you need also teammates who play perks like Support – who focusses on the big zeds – like Crakes (enemies with chainsaws) and the Fleshpound (overpowered, huge enemy who expresses his low self-esteem in carrying heavy weapons).

fleshpound in carousel
Fleshpound wanted to meet at the carousel

Choosing the right perk depends on the group you are playing in – and of course – your personal preferences –
I usually play as Commando – this class has some advantages when it comes to seeing enemies and I like the idea of the Berserker (using meelee weapons to defeat your enemies) – with emphasis on idea – because unfortunately due to the overall weakness of this perk in fights – it turns out this perk is one of the most useless :/
It wouldn’t make much sense to describe all the details of the roles you can play or point out the differences – there are many articles in the internet which do so – and it just would take the fun of trying out yourself.
I mean it is not the case that you can do so much other things in the game than exploring / improving perks or shooting skills. There is no story. No special development. No riddles. Nothing. πŸ˜›

Another aspect game designers focused on was the appearance and variety of zombies. Besides numerous normal zombies – your are confronted with the usual suspects: some angry women like Sirens and Stalkers, obese dudes called Bloats,
who pour their acid bile all over you – yes, very tasty πŸ˜‰ or Crawler – small, annoying ones – which just don’t want to hold still (!)

siren in killing floor 2
Stop debating with the siren – she will most likely win.

There are also less funny but stronger ones, which you are invited to meet by yourself. I am convinced they would be more than happy to show you their weapons and special abilities!As mentioned before the gameplay is not very complex. It is based on a round system-where you can choose the amount and difficulty. The amount of zeds becomes more every round and also the amount of special, stronger zeds increases.
Here, a welcome diversion is special game content which occurs on holidays like Halloween or Christmas. They usually offer special zeds or maps. There are lots of different worlds you can play in. You can jump into the classic resident evil zombie outbreak in a biolab over a romantic scene in Paris to wide, open fields.

krampus lair in killing floor 2
Krampus Lair – hope you haven’t been naughty ?

Me and my friends started playing Killing Floor quite some time ago – and we usually play a custom Christmas Map every time there is a special occasion – for example on birthdays. This demonstrates once again a game is what you make of it – an otherwise ordinary zombie shooter can become pretty entertaining – and traditions can be born if you just play it with the right bunch of crazy people ;).

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