Me playing Left 4 Dead 2
Me playing Left 4 Dead 2

Kill and be killed

Everytime your head is literally smoldering like a chimney from all the problems and difficulties you were confronted during the day … there is NO BETTER WAY to get away from all this than grab a bunch of friends and go hunting for some zombies ;).

The main factor which makes Left 4 Dead 2 worth playing is the community. Playing all alone in a dark room ? can be so much fun but – and this might sound a little bit corny – sharing fun and experience with your friends makes it definitely even more fun!

Especially when you have so much fun in tricking and teasing them a little bit as I do. If you don’t believe me, try running past a witch only as close that she doesn’t get startled by you but the friend who is following you ;). Sorry Manuel…

Say hello to the witch…
Say hello to the witch…

Coming to witches, spitters, tanks, hunters and jockeys – I think if you are a game designer there is always a certain point where it comes to the question if a game has reached its final detail degree or more precisely if a player will be satisfied with what the game gives him or her.

Although there is always room for more, I really appreciated the world and the monsters they designed. Every monster has it’s special abilities and is annoying in it’s own way – so you get really excited if one of these special characters attacks.

They usually knock you out in a way you cannot do anything against them by yourself but are dependent on your team colleagues to help you. This really connects the group.

The gameplay is not too complex. Which might be criticized by some players – but for me it seems to be more of an advantage. Unlike some players I am not a hardcore gamer who can spent lots of time and patience to really get into a game.

So when I start a game I want to enjoy it immediately. This means if they do not demand much work in character development or hours of searching and solving riddles – this comes very handy – at least sometimes ?

Going hunting as a Boomer
Going hunting as a Boomer

After playing the maps in campaign mode playing versus mode offers a new perspective: In versus mode some of you can play the role of the zombies and try to prevent your friends from reaching the save room (which represents the end of a level). If you like evolving sneaky plans to trap your friends – like I do – this will be perfect for you!

After all I would say if you like coop games that are not too complex – give it a shot!

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