Playing Little Nightmares is like going through the cute version of your deepest nightmares. It is a really lovely game – and according to the content – this statement really means something! 😀

You play a little child in a yellow coat running through scary rooms, solving mazes and riddles. You have the feeling that developers worked with lots of imagination and creativity, so you really like dropping into this world.
Most of the time there are no actual enemies. It’s the atmosphere and the presence of little things like rats, leeches, spider webs or the absence of light that freaks you out… 🙂 It almost feels like experiencing one
of the Tim Burton movies – Nightmare Before Christmas – for example…

little nightmares details
Lovely details all around

The feeling is grim but there is a sense of myserious light in the dark – or even kindness. You can sense that when you hug one of the little dwarfs that are running around – and appear even more helpless than the main character.
The animations are fluent and the movement appears childish in the rough world. This becomes also clear if you realize that most of the time the only light element is the yellow bright coat of the main character.

I liked the work and emphasis they put in the different bad guys that appear in the game: For example, the lady, the twin cooks or the old, blind janitor who is constantly searching for you. They have different personalities and you are scared of them – not in the same – but in different ways.

little nightmares geisha
Be careful the geisha is around!

Everyone has their own disgusting, repulsive and frightening features and appearances. This makes the puzzles in the rooms you are walking through more diverse. They tend to feel a little monotonous as time goes by.
In the guest area, a chapter of the gam,e I suddenly felt as if put in the movie Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki. I don’t know if you have seen it – but it has this kind of disturbing familiarity. That is in my opinion part of the magic in his movies and it is also exactly what I felt in these scenes ;).

Booh – again!

Controling your character is not very complex. You cannot attack your enemies or the things you are confronted with… which makes it even more authentic and spooky 😉
So many of your thoughts focus on the most essential question of them all: Should I turn off the light and be scared because I can’t see shit? Or is it better to turn it on and risk getting spotted by the horrible creatures around me… ?!

little nightmares chef
The chef is coming for me

Limitation of movements makes it even more necessary to be a skilled jump and run player. I often struggeled with jumping and holding onto things – which costed me some nerves playing Little Nightmares.
I wonder if it is better if you play it with an actual controller… However, if you die it does not have much of an impact, because you respawn fairly close. There are may checkpoints. The only consequence is that your self-consciousness also dies a little bit every time you fail…

Refigirator in Little Nightmares
Open me 🙂

In the game you don’t have to cope with energy levels or character development. If you get caught you are dead, which also gives the game a certain sense of reality. It is very different to the games I usually play. Most of the time, I focus on mulitplayer / coop games. You do not feel as left alone with your fears in those games and you are also able to blame other players when something goes wrong 😀

Overall playing Little Nightmares was a great experience and I would definately recommend it! I would even say that if you like playing cute and a little scary games 🙂 – it will be perfect for you! It is simply fun watching and experiencing what the creators came up with 😉
And I can’t emphasise it too often the graphics and atmosphere is stunning – in a scary, disturbing way of course!

Me playing Little Nightmares
Little Nightmares - more than worth playing!
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