Exploring a Mysterious Past

Memoria tells us two stories: In the present the hero Geron who wants to find a way to help his girlfriend Nuri. She is originally a fairy but was transformed into a bird.
The other storyline takes place in the past, where, you experience the adventures of princess Sadja who wants to become a great warrior and so, never will be forgotten.

Geron in Memoria
Sadja in Memoria

It is the exciting journey of two people who want to become heroes in their own time and whose stories are deeply connected.


I think it is a quite adventurous story and I got sucked into it immediately. Playing Geron you get the magical ability to repair and destroy things and Sadja also gets powers (for example activating/deactivating guardians) by making a pact with a staff. With these powers, you are able to interact with things or manipulate them.

I prefer this game a little over Deponia, because the riddles in the tombs and the magical parts fit me more. I simply think that is more exciting. So it gives me the need to hear and experience more. I want to actually hear this.

Awesome feelings transported through the drawings
Atmosphere transported through the drawings

On the other hand, Deponia focused more on the fun part of dialogs and the design of funny characters. If you are seeking for this again Memoria is not the right game for you. However, I can guarantee you the authenticity you gain through this more serious atmosphere compensates more than enough (at least for me ;)).

Once more, I adored the detailed and atmospheric paintings of the game. They are so artistic and well made. Every scene usually has it’s own characters and items which are well presented and fit very good in the story they want to narrate.

Detailed and lovely scenes in Memoria
Detailed and lovely scenes


The game crashed right in the beginning. This is not a very good sign. I started it with Steam, played the prologue and after the intro, it simply terminated itself. No error message, nothing. It was because it had not enough RAM. So I had to close other programs on my computer in order to make it run again. I hope they can fix these problems… Anyways if you google it you can at least find help pretty soon. The forums are full of this issue…

Memoria is another point-and-click adventure. The handling does not differ comparing it to other games of this genre. It is straightforward and easy to start.
With space you can see with what you can interact and with the left and right (to analyze) mouseclicks you can do something with the items and people around you.

Showing items you can interact with
Showing items you can interact with
Making decisions in dialogues
Making decisions and investigating things








The gameplay is easy to learn and the possibilities are not too many. This comes quite positive because you have to spend many time-solving riddles which would become too complex to solve if your actions were not limited. I would say the ratio is balanced.

The greatest strength of the game is the very inventive and exciting story as well as the passion with which they presented it. The scenes are well drawn and detailed. This makes it very easy to drop into and enjoy the story even more! 🙂

However, you might not like the game if you need much action and probably want to train your reaction time :D. It is a very good game but it remains a point-and-click adventure. Nevertheless, if you are open minded you should definitely give it a try and accept the challenge ;).

try memoria
Try it and tell me your views! 🙂
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