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South Park The Fractured But Whole starts where the first part of the South Park games “South Park The Stick of Truth” ended.
You are playing a king in a war for life and death playing with the other kids ;). As a king, you try to find the wizard (Cartman) but only get to find the Coon. Unfortunately, you get kicked out of the game the kids are playing because led by the Coon the other kids decide to play superheroes now. Obviously,  kings have no place in superhero games.

Coon Headquarters in South Park
Coon Headquarters ūüėČ

Not wanting to get kicked out you follow Cartman to the basement where all the superheroes meet. After helping the Coon, he decides that you are superhero material, although you are not already registered at Coonstergram, what is actually a pretty big shame.

Becoming a superhero you get to choose between three classes: Speedster, Brutalist and Blaster. I took the middle one – I think I mentioned before that I am more the punching kind of woman :D. A little birdy told me that it might also be that in course of the game you also get to choose even more classes, but I will let you discover this on your own ;).

The different classes determine the actions and powers you get to choose from while fighting. At this point, it is important to keep your team balanced. As time goes on you get to choose between many different characters who join your team, who also have their own special abilities: For example, Captain Diabetes, Mosquito, Super Craig, Fastpass, Call Girl and many more!

Choosing your Quests
What to do next? Map with Quests

Besides the main story, there are a lot of little quests where you help your friends from Southpark: Rescuing Craig’s hamster in the basement, helping Kyle or Stan’s dad who gets weird messages on his car at night as well as fighting 6th graders. There are also ongoing quests: collecting Yaoi pictures in all of South Park or hanging up Mr. Adams pictures in South Park or trying to get all the cats of Gay Al.

It is like a nice journey actually becoming your very own Coon and friends superhero. Although you also get to know the guys from the other franchise called Freedom Pals, who also seem to be a nice group! You get to choose your kryptonite as it should be for a superhero as well as your gender – “other” for my part ;).¬†Defining your characteristics goes on until the superhero-baking-process is finished. The best thing is during doing so and evolving your own character is you get to know all the lovely South Park characters from the series! ūüôā


South Park The Fractured But Whole is nicely made: You get to be your own character and even create it in the beginning. You become even more part of the story and stay yourself ;).
If you expect the game to be exactly like South Park the series, you will get your money worth. It definitely feels like playing one of the South Park episodes. Everything is the same, the characters, the surroundings and humor.

Character creation in South Park
Me creating myself

It seems that the different settings were made with much effort and they hid many funny details. Additionally, you get even more excited about playing if the situations are connected to or already appeared in some episode you saw, which also enhances the gaming experience a lot!

One essential thing when it comes to South Park is their humor – it does not simply work without that black humor which makes you sometimes a little blush (at least on the inside :D).

In the game you often find yourself confronted such dark situations full of profanity and impropriety. For example, the time that you are fighting priests who seem to be attracted to you in a dark room in the church. Aaand like it or not, that’s exactly what South Park stands for ;).
Overall it is a colorful game that is just plain fun. While playing you literally get drawn into South Park!


The game has a not very complex round based fighting system. There are different kinds of players or superheroes in the fight and all of them have other abilities and weaknesses. You even get to choose your own weakness during the game, so the concept stays consistent ;).

At second glance the fighting system is/can become complex if you want it to, which is quite positive due to the challenge you experience and that it satisfies my spirit of discovery ;).

Round based fighting system in South Park

Crafting is quite a big thing in the game. You can craft all kinds of things, potions, armor, … things which make you stronger or you can use in combat.
You also use artifacts to increase your strength by gaining Might. Artifacts are put in slots when developing your character.

The number of slots increases when you get a higher hero rank which is dependent on the number of side missions or missions, in general, you complete (and the fights you come along).
Your hero rank can also increase the number of followers you collect for Coonstagram. So there are many ways to become stronger :).

Choosing attacks in South Park
Choose your attacks wisely ūüėČ

A nice personalization is that you can choose your classes and manage the powers you gain through them. So you have to individually select the four attacks you want to use in combat. As mentioned before I chose Brutalist, Elementalist and Assassin which gave me a nice combination of punching but also mysterious element-controlling hero ;).

Additionally to your personal development while fighting you are always accompanied by three of your friends. During the game, you get more and more other superheroes who join your team and you can decide and manage who should join you in combat.
I mean overall fighting is not a secret science which requires endless training and experience, but there are at least some aspects you can enjoy to discover.

So you see there are some simple rules you get to know as you play along and everything beyond that might possibly help you to shorten the fights but do not make the difference between victory and defeat. This is actually quite positive because so you do not get annoyed by having to take something too serious which would not fit the game concept of South Park in the first place.

At least you always have the possibility to increase the difficulty level by changing the difficulty of the game, which ironically is your skin color ;). The darker it gets the heavier it becomes.

The game should simply be fun and more than learning rules or intense fighting it should focus on having fun and telling a not necessarily serious story.

While walking around in South Park movement and handling of the characters feels actually pretty natural. There are not many different controls, so it is held simple and reliable.

During the game, you get additional abilities to get treasures which are hidden in South Park: For Example, Captain Diabetes enables you to lift heavy things or Kyle, the human kite, can make you reach things that are very high by flying up.

During the game, you get to know more and more of South Park and you will be able to travel with fast-travel stations provided by Fastpass aka Jimmy. This is an awesome feature because it would have been quite annoying to always walk through the whole city when you want to get from one place to another (which is necessary a lot).

Superheros in South Park
And be warned! Not all Superheros are friendly!








I have to admit after playing only horror survival games recently I needed something really nice and colorful ;). It might be that affected my mood when playing South Park The Fractured But Whole, but I really loved it.

I like the humor of South Park but if it’s just not your cup of tea you should not play it.¬†When playing this game you can expect it to be like South Park the movie or series. That’s quite positive on the one hand because fans get their money worth. But, just in case you would make the mistake starting the game and wanting to actually have something different (whyever?) just throw it on the floor and run away :D.
It is quite a pity that there are not so many fun games on the market than horror or survival ones. They really lift your mood ;). I for myself am going to also try the first part out because I really, really, REALLY liked the game!!

Due to the fact that I think the game was nicely made and they put much affection and love in the details as well as all the characters in the story, I wanted to conclude this blog post with some impressions from the game:

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