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Peach gets captured because Bowser wants to take her for his wife and you are playing Mario who is once more willing to risk his life to save her. You can say game designers for Super Mario games got an easy job here because it is known what to expect when playing it (at least in relation to the story ;)).

Trying to get some power moons
Trying to get some power moons

While you are chasing Bowser you are discovering different kingdoms with your Odyssey. Every time you complete a world by collecting enough blue/red/yellow/whatever moons you are able to power up your Odyssey and fly to another kingdom. While in the beginning you just try to capture Bowser other worlds got robbed by him and you try to get those things back. But I let you experience those things for yourself 😉

Like in other parts of the games the kingdoms have different topics: Like the wood, lake, or icy kingdom where the surroundings and enemies have different origins. In every kingdom there is a different plant and animal life to discover. You can actually become some of the inhabitants by just throwing your hat at them, which is quite fun.

Traveling from kingdom to kingdom in the odyssey
Traveling from kingdom to kingdom in the odyssey

At the end of a kingdom or episode, you mostly have to fight one kind of a supervillain – which sometimes is one of Bowser’s buddies (or bunnies :D) or another huge enemy where you have to find out some special strategy to be victorious. Most of the time it is just jumping on their heads :D.
Nevertheless it is a Super Mario game and it is not as complex as you might want it to be.


There are so many lovely characters in the whole game, so it’s definitely made with much affection. I really fell in love with the skull-people in the dessert <3.
The different worlds have their own feeling and authentic characters. The things they are saying or the text that is appearing over their heads when you get near the people living in the worlds are quite amusing and inventive.

2D Mini Game in Supermario Odyssey
2D Mini Game

During playing the different worlds you also get to play short parts in 2D, for example when you want to climb a wall. This puts you back into the old times which is quite amusing and entertaining. That’s also an awesome concept to give a game more diversity when playing.


Considering that it is a 3D Super Mario game you can say most of the things are said :D. On the switch when playing in Coop-Mode you have the controls similar to the old 2D games holding the controller sideways.

It feels quite natural but there are also some annoying and misleading functions like when you are playing the tank and have to shoot by pressing a button and move your controller to adjust the view. Maybe this just needs too much brain activity for my part 😀 Pressing buttons and moving the controller at the same time.

Additionally, I sometimes got annoyed when a jump-and-run section was too difficult and I died a lot. For example, in the sections when the floor is quite slippery. But I think those sections where always a bit of a challenge for me since the very first Super Mario I played.

I also thought one downside here was the equipment. The controllers of the Nintendo Switch are very small and I do not think that they are made for adult hands. Sometimes you are simply not able to make that small movements that would be necessary for the game.


As I mentioned before, I mostly played Super Mario Odyssey in Coop-Mode.
Initially, we were expecting that one player is playing Mario and the other one will be Luigi or any other equivalent character. Unfortunately, that was not the case but the second player is playing the hat that is accompanying Mario on his missions.

Now, as you can imagine playing only an item can soon become very boring, because also the moving possibilities were not as advanced as Mario’s. I think this can become quite a big problem for many players but we found a quite good compromise: We were changing who was playing who constantly.

So the game still stayed entertaining and sometimes I was even grateful to play more like an advising role and be passive. However, I think that’s a quite mature view of the things and that the inequality of the roles in the game can cause many fights of youngsters… So if you are buying this game for your children, it might be safer to just keep the coop-mode a secret :D.

Some more enemies :)
Some more enemies 🙂








When it comes to the coop mode I would recommend to just try it out. I am convinced it depends on the people who are playing whether you can enjoy this mode or not.

Overall it is a good Super Mario game with many different worlds. I like the way they designed each section differently – as they always did 😉 and think many of the characters are very lovely. I really enjoyed discovering the different sections. You should buy this game if you like an easy game you can play every once in a while not worrying about any complex story or controls you might forget.

However, if there is one wish I am allowed to make I would love to see more diversity at least in the end fights. Most of the time you are just jumping on their heads (three times (!)). I don’t know if there is some kind of no-go because of which the makers of Super Mario do not break this rule, but I would be happy about some changes.

Hats in the ending of SupermarioOdyssey
Me playing Super Mario Odyssey
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