Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 takes you in a world controlled by a religious fanatic called Joseph Seed and his equally charismatic family members Joseph, Faith and…
Weird Peacock
May 11, 2018
evelyn and the division GamePC

The Division

As the title of my post slightly implies - there is not much to The Division. Although many players or at least me were really…
Weird Peacock
March 25, 2018
me playing destiny 2 GamePC

Destiny 2

The story starts with the confrontation of Dominus Ghaul - the major enemy in Destiny 2. Ghaul has invented a machine to steal the Light…
Weird Peacock
February 2, 2018
beautyful space GamePC

Dead Space 3

Dead Space are another games of the horror survival genre. They - nomen est omen - put you in space where you fight against alien…
Weird Peacock
February 1, 2018
Fighting zombie hordes GamePC

Dead Rising 3

As simple as it sounds the real fun of Dead Rising 3 are the enourmous amounts of zombies and the different kinds of weapons you…
Weird Peacock
January 26, 2018
playing deadisland GamePC

Dead Island

The most special thing about Dead Island are definately the surroundings. After waking up in a room full of people where you get casually informed…
Weird Peacock
January 19, 2018
fleshpound in carousel GamePC

Killing Floor 2

We actually started with the first part of Killing Floor – which is pretty much the same as the second one – but with worse…
Weird Peacock
January 14, 2018
Me playing Left 4 Dead 2 GamePC

Left 4 Dead 2

Kill and be killed Everytime your head is literally smoldering like a chimney from all the problems and difficulties you were confronted during the day…
Weird Peacock
January 8, 2018