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As the title of my post slightly implies – there is not much to The Division. Although many players or at least me were really craving for a good, multi-player action shooter.

According to the story, believe me you already know the procedure: First shooting humans and afterwards some more shooting – while you are helping scientists to search for a vaccine that could provide an escape from the misery humankind has caused itself.
The only detail I liked was that the virus was actually transmitted through money – which kind of gives me a new perspective on the saying ‘money does not smell’ ;). But that was rather a brief pleasure…

Surroundings in the division
Surroundings in the division

It is not only a shooter but there is also some character development involved. It was presented as different parts of your home base: medical, security and tech wing. You just make quests which are connected to one of the three feature-groups
and can invest your earned ability points to learn new things or improve already existing ones. This is how you get by in the cold streets of Manhattan – helping the innocent and gaining power and weapons.

Don’t get me wrong nobody forced me to play this game – and I usually can think of at least one positive aspect when I am thinking only hard enough… but all the things that could make up for a bad or boring story were also drastically ignored by designers.
This might be some love or passion in character design, a fluent and natural game play or even awesome graphics… There are not even characters that are especially fun or interesting…

Spoting enemies
Spoting enemies

Aww.. I really need a good game now...

Me worrying about gaming decisions
Game recommendations are more than welcome!
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  • A virus that is transmitted via money? I would never catch it, as I am always broke.

  • Manuel says:

    Manager to developer: “How can we create a huge city without spending a huge load of money?”
    Developer: “Easy… Step1: Create 5 to 8 different buildings. Step2: Copy-and-paste. Step3: Copy-and-paste. Step4: Copy-and-paste. Step 5: Copy….”

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